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The Ratliff Activity Center is a Recreation facility located in Demopolis, Alabama.

The facility was founded and funded in part by Theo Ratliff, retired professional basketball player, formerly with the L. A. Lakers, and other local, public, and private entities. Mr. Ratliff’s intent was to build a facility not solely for recreation but to provide Social Support Programs to the community as well. The Activity Center includes the following programs: Tutoring and After School Programs, Adult Computer Classes, Parenting Program, Early Intervention Program, Senior Citizen Program, Youth Positive and Public Speaking Program, Anti-Tobacco Program, Golf Lessons, Piano and Music Lessons, Jr. NBA/WNBA Basketball, Mental Health Consumers, Flight Simulator, Girl Scouts, Child Abuse and Neglect, and Adult Education (Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa, AL).

  • Tutoring And Afterschool

    The Theo Ratliff Activity Center (TRAC) has developed Tutoring & Afterschool programs that focus on

  • Parenting Program

    Our Parenting Program is a science based initiative that assist Parents in guiding their children

  • Early Intervention

    The Early Intervention program is designed to help children under the age of three who

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  • Kids And Kin

    What is the Kids and Kin Program? Kids and Kin is a free program designed to support and assist people who take care of their relatives'

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  • Adult Exercise

    Aerobic classes are held three days per week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

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  • Life Skills

    The Theo Ratliff Activity Center sponsors a Life Skills Training program developed by Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin, a psychologist at Cornell University. The Life

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  • Anti-Tobacco

    The youth of the Theo Ratliff Activity Center is working with Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital to implement a City-Wide Anti-Smoking initiative by focusing on

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  • Mental Health

    Recreation activities are also provided for Mental Health Consumers three days a week.

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  • Senior Citizens

    We offer Senior Citizens well considered courses and engaging activities throughout the calendar year. Adult computer classes are held two days per week -Wednesday and Friday

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Robotics Engineering Workshop

Summer 2013
TRAC offered it’s first-ever Robotics Engineering Workshop to 4th thru 9th grade students.

The workshop was the “brainchild” of TRAC’s Information Technology Specialist, Jonathan Jones. Assisting Jones with the training were DHS Science teacher Barbara Wallace; Volunteers Eric Witherspoon and Sandra Carter-Ward of Alpha Academy Tutorial.

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Floodplain Management 101

Summer 2013
Community floodplain administrators and mayors filled the Theo Ratcliff Activity Center on August 25 to learn how to make Alabama and its citizens less vulnerable to the impact of flooding.

The State of Alabama’s Office of Water Resources, the agency responsible for the protection and management of Alabama’s water resources, sponsored the Floodplain Management 101 seminar for community leaders from Marengo, Dallas, Butler, Wilcox, Perry, Sumter, Choctaw, Clarke, and Bibb Counties.

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A Genius In The Making

Spring 2012
Jonathan Jones, IT Instructor at the Center, decided to take J.R. Collier told under his wings and teach him the basic of Digital Electronics and Computer Programming.

A knowledge of both these skills are necessary to build the hardware and software required for Gaming. J.R. learned Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal and Decimal numbering systems as well as how to convert between these systems. In addition, J.R. combined various logic gates to implement the binary results. Logic Gates are the building block of computer hardware design.

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American Red Cross, Regional Shelter Management

Disaster Services

We have partnered with the American Red Cross to offer area residents shelter during times of crisis.

Alabama Department of Mental Health Health

Prevention Programs

Builds awareness of, and provides resources to fight against drug and alcohol abuse.

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Fight Against Obesity

We have partnered with the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama Tombigbee and Shelton State Community College to offer programs that highlight the benefits of nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Boy Scouts of America / Girl Scouts Girl Scouts Girl Scouts

Building Lasting Relationships